Frazier Law is dedicated to representation for “little guys” which range from small business owners, parties suffering injury seeking compensation, and citizens accused of crimes. Frazier Law focuses on areas of litigation and trial practice.

Our mission does not represent the interests of big corporations or insurance companies. Success is rooted in constant and open communication with our clients. Phone call, text or e-mails are responded to in a prompt manner. Constant trial or litigation experience obtained through practice against insurance companies, private parties, and the government. Lastly, a focus on collaborative representation with the client.

Collaborative representation means that Frazier Law continually provides case status updates. Providing assistance in understanding the process while getting as much input from you, as the client, as possible.

Our firm has experience settling personal injury cases through mediation, obtaining policy limits through demands, working deals out with the State Attorney’s office if you have a criminal case, or finding alternative ways to resolve cases that focus on rehabilitation if substance abuse is a major factor. There is knowledge on how to posture your case to obtain as best of an outcome as possible, even if there are adverse rulings. Frazier Law is well versed in settlements and plea bargains, however, our firm is not afraid to push cases to trial, whether civil or criminal.